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Let's Talk Hubdoc!

What is Hubdoc? Hubdoc is an online application that safely stores documents such as bank statements, bills, and receipts, all in one place. Have you ever lost a receipt or spent time organizing several month's worth of paperwork? Hubdoc takes care of this for you. Not only can it automatically fetch bills and statements, it integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software like Zero and QuickBooks to input the information from your bills and receipts right into your account. So how does it work?

There are a number of ways that documents can be placed into Hubdoc.

  1. Sync your accounts-You can connect bank account and vendors with Hubdoc so that monthly statements get pulled in automatically. In addition, you can view all of these documents by simply logging into one Hubdoc account. No more logging into multiple different websites to get the information you need. It's all in one place!

  2. Email-Once you're signed up, you'll be given a unique email address to send documents to. Even employees who don't have access to your Hubdoc account can easily submit them on your behalf.

  3. Photo-Once you download the app on your phone, uploading documents (including receipts) is as easy as snapping a picture using the app on your phone!

  4. Upload-If you have the physical documents, this is another great option you can use. Simply scan, then drag and drop, or you can upload them as a batch into your Hubdoc account.

At Brighter Smiles Bookkeeping, we're so impressed with Hubdoc that we'll set up your account AND include the price of the monthly subscription in your bookkeeping package! That's right, we'll pay the monthly fee and all you have to do is use it!

Once your documents have been successfully uploaded, we take care of everything else including transferring the information into your QuickBooks or Zero file and labeling them so that they're organized for future reference. It's still a good idea to store your documents on a hard drive. That way you know you always have a hard copy in the event something gets misplaced or you decide to cancel your subscription.

What do you think about Hubdoc? Have you ever used it before or maybe tried other types of document management software? Leave us some comments and let us know what you think!

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